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Country Music’s Jim Owen:An Amazing Life
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Six Guns and Trail Songs - Jim Owen 




“My goal had always been what was happening right now. I started to the center of the stage as I heard Hank Snow say, ‘And now, let’s all give a great big Grand Ole Opry welcome to Jim Owen.’” Charlie Daniels once called Jim Owen country music’s least known superstar; that may be true in some cases, but he is certainly not unknown to ardent country music fans all over the world. This is the life story (so far) of country music legend Jim Owen. At the age of eight, Jim saw Hank Williams perform in person at the Grand Ole Opry—and his life would forever be changed. Through the ups and downs of being raised in a small working town by a loving mother and an alcoholic and abusive father, Jim always dreamed that he was Superman and could fly if he tried hard enough. And though it wasn’t easy, it wouldn’t be long before Jim himself would walk the Opry boards. A prolific singer and songwriter credited with many hits–including Louisiana Woman, Mississippi Man–Jim would go on to make a living and mingle with many of country music’s greatest stars and personalities. This book recounts the many stories–the highs and the lows–of the little boy from Robards, Kentucky, who would go on to leave a huge mark on the world of country music. Songwriter, actor, singer, comedian—Jim does it all. “Jim doesn’t try to be something he’s not. His writing is down to earth and very funny. I felt as though we were sharing a cup of coffee as he reminisced about his friendships with icons of the country music industry.” – Deborah Gaynor,


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